Dalia Hassan is a visual artist born and raised in Cairo and she currently lives and works in Toronto. Dalia received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the American University in Cairo in 2007, and has spent the majority of her career working as an independent artist in Egypt. Growing up and living in a densely-populated metropolis, Dalia's earlier work explored the themes of urbanism and city life where she used her art as a means to appreciate and endure the city’s ebbs and flows. Her paintings reflected the abnormalities of her urban environment in a fantasized setting and often with gallows humor. Since moving to Toronto in 2018, Dalia's practice has been transforming into abstraction, focusing on the mind and the relationship between consciousness and existence. She tries to capture glimpses of consciousness and mental processes, using color to trace a labyrinth of thoughts and emotions that layer up to form one's perception of existence. She is often inspired by topics in cognitive science, physics and philosophy. Her work has been exhibited in Cairo and Toronto.


Born 1982, Cairo, Egypt 
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada


The American University in Cairo (AUC)
Bachelor of Arts: Art, 2007


Upcoming- Juried Art Exhibition Fundraiser, Visual Art Center of Carlington, 2020

At Intervals, Auto BLDG - 158Sterling Road, Toronto, 2020

New Measures, Collision Gallery, Toronto, 2020

Studio Mates, Black Cat Showroom, Toronto, 2019

Fluid Streets, Akin Vitrine Gallery, Toronto, 2019

Open Lab Egypt [OLE], curated by Medrar for Contemporary Art, Viennoise Hotel, Cairo, Egypt, 2010

Pick 4, The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, 2009

One Night, curated by Filippo Armati (ProHelvetia Artist-in-residence), Prince Taz Palace, Cairo, Egypt, 2008

For Seven Tea, BA Thesis Exhibition, Falaki Gallery, The American University in Cairo, Egypt, 2006

Imagining the Book II, Alexandria 2nd International Biennial for The Artist’s Book, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt, 2006

Re-Investigating Vision, The Townhouse Gallery - OnSite, Cairo, Egypt, 2005

Investigating Vision, Falaki Gallery, The American University in Cairo, Egypt, 2005


Akin Collective, Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, Feb. 20- 23, 2020


Studio Mates, co-curated with Mel Hayes, Black Cat Showroom, Toronto, 2019


Exit Does Not Exit, site-specific interactive video installation in collaboration with Shaymaa Shoukry and Emma Benany, 2B Continued Theater and Dance Festival - 3rd Edition, Falaki Theater, Cairo, Egypt, 2011

Time Cycles on a Landscape of a Body, video art in collaboration with Shaymaa Shoukry, Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, Les Hivernals Festival of Avignon, Avignon, France, 2010

Skin Quartette + 1, video art in collaboration with Shaymaa Shoukry, 2B Continued Theater and Dance Festival - 2nd Edition, Falaki Theater, Cairo, Egypt, 2009


Akin Studio Program at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, 2019-2020  


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Drawing to Communicate, TD Community Sunday, MOCA, Toronto  

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